11 Cited authorities

  1. Laxton v. Gap Inc.

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    Holding that "the discriminatory animus of a manager can be imputed to the ultimate decisionmaker if the [manager]. . . . `had influence or leverage over'" the ultimate decisionmaker (quoting Russell v. McKinney Hosp. Venture, 235 F.3d 219, 226 (5th Cir.2000))
  2. S.W.S. Erectors, Inc. v. Infax, Inc.

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    Holding that an affidavit executed by the defendant's attorney did not commence the renewed removal period, under the second paragraph of § 1446(b), because the affidavit did not arise from a voluntary act by the plaintiff
  3. Mayberry v. Vought Aircraft Co.

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    Holding in a work-rule violation case that “by insisting that there was no racial motivation in its decision to suspend Mayberry that the decision was based solely on its conclusion, following an investigation, that Mayberry was at least partially at fault ... [the employer] has discharged its burden of production.”
  4. Taylor v. Principal Financial Group, Inc.

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    Holding that "the employee's initial request for an accommodation . . . triggers the employer's obligation to participate in the interactive process of determining one"
  5. Perez v. Region 20 Educ. Serv. Ctr.

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    Holding that the TCHRA "does not expressly waive sovereign immunity in federal court"; "the Texas Whistleblower Act's waiver of sovereign immunity in Texas state court does not amount to a waiver of its sovereign immunity in federal court."
  6. Burton v. Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

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    Holding a staffing agency and a client company may be considered joint employers for the purposes of evaluating violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act if the client company exercises sufficient control
  7. Burch v. Coca-Cola, Co.

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    Holding that alcoholism is not a per se disability under the ADA and evidence that alcoholics, in general, are impaired is inadequate to show the substantial limitation of one or more major life activities
  8. Delaval v. Ptech Drilling Tubulars, LLC

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    Finding that employee who failed to follow up with medical documentation fatally hindered the interactive process
  9. Amie v. El Paso Independent School District

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    Determining that the district court did not abuse its discretion by striking an individual's affidavit that contained "no factual support for her personal knowledge"
  10. Burns v. Texas City Refining, Inc.

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    Finding a willful violation when plaintiff presented evidence that employer acted to terminate him because of his age and before his pension benefits vested
  11. Section 23:331 - Veterans

    La. Stat. tit. 23 § 331   Cited 19 times   1 Legal Analyses

    A. It shall be unlawful discrimination in employment to discharge, otherwise discipline, threaten to discharge, or threaten to discipline any veteran for taking time away from work to attend medical appointments necessary to meet the requirements to receive his veterans benefits. B. The veteran shall verify his attendance of the medical appointment, if requested by his employer, by presenting a bill, receipt, or excuse from the medical provider. C. If a veteran is discharged, disciplined, or has