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    Rejecting allegation contradicted by judicially noticed facts
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    Holding a net operating loss as intangible property
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    Holding that "intentional infliction of emotional distress is an injury to the person"
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    Holding that a demand letter under section 1782 can set forth "an individual or class grievance" with respect to alleged violations of section 1770
  5. Hoffman v. Smithwoods RV Park, LLC

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    No. H033464. October 23, 2009. Appeal from the Superior Court of Santa Cruz County, No. CV159578, Robert B. Atack, Judge. Greene, Chauvel, Descalso, Minoletti, Paul G. Minoletti and Susan J. Bayerd for Plaintiff and Appellant. Law Office of Anthony C. Rodriguez and Anthony C. Rodriguez for Defendant and Respondent. [CERTIFIED FOR PARTIAL PUBLICATION ] Pursuant to California Rules of Court, rule 8.1105, it is ordered that this opinion is certified for publication, with the exception of part II.B.

  6. People v. Castillo

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    Holding the Attorney General was judicially estopped from disavowing a stipulation calling for imposition of a two-year term of civil commitment of a sexually violent predator notwithstanding a change in intervening law (The Sexual Punishment and Control Act: Jessica's law, Proposition 83) that called for sexually violent predators to be committed indefinitely, even though "a stipulation similar to the one we consider in the present case now could not properly be negotiated, entered into, and enforced"
  7. Total Call Intl. v. Peerless Ins. Co.

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    Noting that an exclusion "discloses no suggestion that it relates exclusively to [claims brought by consumers and not to claims brought by competitors]; its language is broad and unqualified"
  8. Stonehouse Homes LLC v. City of Sierra Madre

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    Holding unripe developer's declaratory judgment action challenging city resolution that merely directed committee to prepare recommendations for future legislation to amend zoning ordinance
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    Reversing trial court's denial of special motion to strike plaintiffs' declaratory relief claim
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    Noting that "establishment of a reserve fund for the defense" of a claim is an indication that the insurer perceived a potential for liability