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    Holding "legislative purpose of former section 439, the predecessor of section 426.30 . . . was to provide for the settlement, in a single action, of all conflicting claims between the parties arising out of the same transaction" and to "avoid a multiplicity of actions"
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    Holding that the plaintiff sufficiently alleged outrageous conduct where the defendant called the plaintiff a "no good son of a bitch," threatened to put the plaintiff in the hospital, and threatened the well-being of the plaintiff's wife and children
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    Holding that a pathway in a dog park "qualifies as a trail because it is designed and used for a recreational purpose"
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    Finding that subdivision (b) was intended to cover both trails providing access to recreation and trails on which recreational activities take place
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    In Treweek, the Court of Appeal concluded a boat ramp connecting a city dock to the water did not qualify as a trail within the meaning of section 831.4, subdivision (b), based simply on the fact it connected the shore to the water where recreational activities occurred.
  6. Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now v. Department of Industrial Relations

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    Docket No. A069744. December 21, 1995. Appeal from Superior Court of the City and County of San Francisco, No. 962283, William J. Cahill, Judge. COUNSEL Brian J. McCaffrey and Steve Bachmann for Plaintiff and Appellant. H. Thomas Cadell, Jr., for Defendant and Respondent. OPINION KING, J. — I. INTRODUCTION In this case we hold that California's minimum wage laws are not unconstitutional as applied to an organization whose purpose is political advocacy, because the compelling state interest in ensuring

  7. Rule 5 - Serving and Filing Pleadings and Other Papers

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    Allowing service by filing papers with the court's electronic-filing system