55 Cited authorities

  1. United States v. Wade

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    Holding that the Sixth Amendment provides the right to counsel at a postindictment lineup even though the Fifth Amendment is not implicated
  2. State v. Henderson

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    Holding a jury instruction on cross-racial identification should be given whenever cross-racial identification is in issue at trial
  3. People v. Chipp

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    Holding that under the circumstances presented therein, defendant could not call the complaining witness at a pretrial suppression motion
  4. People v. Rodriguez

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    Holding that where "a citizen identification [is] `merely confirmatory' . . . that the People [bear the burden of showing] that the protagonists are known to one another, or [if] there is no mutual relationship, that the witness knows defendant so well as to be impervious to police suggestion."
  5. Ryan v. Miller

    303 F.3d 231 (2d Cir. 2002)   Cited 233 times   2 Legal Analyses
    Finding that a "blanket statement" that "[t]he defendant's remaining contentions are either unpreserved for appellate review or without merit" constituted adjudication on the merits
  6. People v. Adams

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    Finding that a showup identification was unduly suggestive when "[t]he victims were shown only the suspects in custody after apparently being informed that they were the suspected robbers"
  7. People v. Dodt

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    In People v. Dodt (61 N.Y.2d 408,supra), this Court held that, when presented with a warrantless arrest based upon a teletype description of the suspect, a "reviewing court must be supplied with the description upon which the police acted and sufficient evidence to make its own independent determination of whether the person arrested * * * reasonably fit that description" and thus constituted probable cause (id., at 415).
  8. Raheem v. Kelly

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    Holding that line-up was unnecessarily suggestive where petitioner was only participant wearing black leather coat which featured prominently in witnesses' descriptions of the shooter
  9. People v. Riley

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    Holding the defendant's actions in placing his victim in the trunk of his car and driving around for approximately three hours went "well beyond the robbery and constituted the independent crime of kidnapping"
  10. People v. Malphurs

    111 A.D.2d 266 (N.Y. App. Div. 1985)   Cited 217 times

    May 13, 1985 Appeal from the Supreme Court, Queens County (Balbach, J.). Judgment affirmed. On July 5, 1977, at approximately 10:30 P.M., two males forcibly entered the complainant's two-door car while it was stopped at a red traffic light. The first male to enter the car from the passenger door held a knife to the complainant's throat while his companion climbed into the back seat. The complainant's purse was handed out of the car to a third male whose face the complainant never saw. After the complainant