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    Observing "extreme reluctance of courts to intrude in the political relationships between the Legislature, the State and its governmental subdivisions"
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    Holding that the application of an amended statute permitting the revocation of a nursing home operating certificate based on an operator's industry-related felony convictions does not impair the operator's vested rights, even though the operator had successfully litigated the automatic revocation under the preexisting law
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    Holding that insurance companies had a due process interest in the statutorily created Property and Liability Insurance Security Fund, funded through insurer contributions and used to satisfy claims in the event of an insurer's insolvency
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    Holding "Washington County has no constitutional right to due process that the court could have violated"
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    Holding that local board of education and department of social services lacked “substantive right” to challenge constitutionality of provision of New York Education Law allocating the cost of educating pupils placed in family homes to the district in which the pupil originally resided
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    January 15, 1987 Appeal from the Supreme Court, Albany County (Cobb, J.). Mikoll, J. Defendant Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) is a public benefit corporation established to ensure the efficient transportation of commuters within the New York metropolitan area, which includes plaintiff Nassau County. During the fall and winter of 1983, pursuant to Public Authorities Law § 1277, defendant Comptroller began withholding from Nassau County portions of certain moneys that were appropriated

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    577 P.2d 912 (Okla. 1978)   Cited 13 times
    Relying on a definition of "student," which does not apply to the records sought by Osborn
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