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  1. Quon v. Arch Wireless Operating Co.

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    Holding that "a provider of e-mail services [is] undisputedly an [electronic communication service]"
  2. Greyhound Corp. v. Superior Court

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    In Greyhound, the plaintiff in a personal injury suit arising from a car accident sought written statements that had been obtained from witnesses by the defendant's insurance adjusters and investigators.
  3. Dodge, Warren Peters Ins. Serv. v. Riley

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    E031719 Filed February 5, 2003 Certified for Publication APPEAL from the Superior Court of San Bernardino County, No. RCV 060916, Ben T. Kayashima, Judge. Affirmed. The Greenberg Law Firm, Inc., and Raymond A. Greenberg for Defendant and Appellant James W. Riley. Law Offices of Perry R. Fredgant and Perry R. Fredgant for Defendants and Appellants Sandra L. McGovern, Patricia Anaya and Parthena Yorke. Jones, Bell, Abbott, Fleming Fitzgerald, Trenton J. Hill and Brian G. Mulherin for Plaintiff and

  4. Graf v. Zynga Game Network, Inc. (In re Zynga Privacy Litig.)

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    Holding "referer header information ... transmitted to third parties .... does not meet the definition of ‘contents,’ because these pieces of information are not the ‘substance, purport, or meaning’ of a communication"
  5. Life Technologies Corp. v. Superior Court (Timothy H. Joyce)

    197 Cal.App.4th 640 (Cal. Ct. App. 2011)   Cited 31 times   2 Legal Analyses
    In Life Technologies, the appellate court reviewed a trial court order requiring a defendant employer to answer interrogatories requesting extensive and sensitive employee information—including the identity and contact information employees, the reasons for the termination of certain employees, and whether those employees were offered and/or accepted severance payments.
  6. Mintz v. Mark Bartelstein & Associates, Inc.

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    Holding SCA permits AT&T to disclose subscriber information pursuant to subpoena, including date, time, originating and receiving telephone number for specified date range
  7. Flagship Theatres of Palm Desert, LLC v. Century Theatres, Inc.

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    Noting federal law's antitrust injury requirement applies to claims under the Cartwright Act
  8. TBG Insurance Services Corp. v. Superior Court

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    Finding a diminished expectation of privacy in use of work computer when plaintiff signed a release allowing monitoring
  9. Unzipped Apparel v. Bader

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    Recognizing 60-day time limit under section 2025.480, subdivision (b) applies to nonparty deposition subpoena requesting business records, just as it applies to a subpoena for an oral or written deposition
  10. Coy v. Superior Court

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    In Coy v. Superior Court of Contra Costa Cty., 58 Cal. 2d 210 (1962), the California Supreme Court considered whether an interrogatory that asked defendants, "When did you first discuss [plaintiff's] obligation to you with [counsel]?"
  11. Section 1

    Cal. Const. art. I § 1   Cited 979 times
    Providing "[a]ll people are by nature free and independent and have inalienable rights," including the right of "privacy"
  12. Section 2702 - Voluntary disclosure of customer communications or records

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    Restricting use of Internet subscriber information without consent