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    Holding that, in the tort context, "[t]he `express aiming' analysis depends, to a significant degree, on the specific type of tort or other wrongful conduct at issue"
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    Holding that "an unqualified oral stipulation of dismissal made in open court satisfies Rule 41, even where no formal stipulation was signed by the parties"
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    Holding defendant satisfies "meritorious defense" requirement by "alleg[ing] sufficient facts that, if true, would constitute a defense"
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    Holding that, in states with statutes identical in all relevant respects to Wash. Rev. Code § 25.05.100, the actions of one partner do not impute to another partner for purposes of personal jurisdiction
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    Holding that factual findings on a motion to set aside a default are reviewed for clear error and the decision is reviewed for an abuse of discretion
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    Finding that defendant's failure to obtain substitute counsel, respond to discovery, and comply with orders of the court provided ample basis for district court's grant of default judgment for $1.2 million
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    Holding that defendant waived objection to personal jurisdiction when he only raised improper service of process in his first filing to the court
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    Holding that a jailed litigant ought to be treated neither worse, nor better, than any other party when it comes to the conduct of litigation unless some special circumstance of confinement interferes with her ability to manage legal affairs
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    Holding that the defendant must have actually known that its product would reach the forum state before the "stream of commerce" theory will support the exercise of personal jurisdiction over the defendant
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    Holding prison officials are entitled to qualified immunity if it was not clearly established that race-based differentiation is unconstitutional
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    Adopting similar language for acquiring default judgment against the United States
  12. Section 17500

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    Requiring action that originated in California to effect consumers in another state