24 Cited authorities

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    Holding that a court may not "weigh the evidence and determine the truth of the matter" in deciding a motion for summary judgment
  2. Celotex Corp. v. Catrett

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    Holding that the moving party bears the initial burden of showing that there is no genuine dispute of material fact on a motion for summary judgment
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    Holding that an opponent of summary judgment "must do more than simply show that there is some metaphysical doubt as to the material facts."
  4. Waller v. Truck Ins. Exchange, Inc.

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    Holding that, when extrinsic facts eliminate the potential for coverage, an insurer may decline to defend even if the complaint had suggested potential liability
  5. Yeti by Molly Ltd. v. Deckers Outdoor Corp.

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    Holding that the burden to show substantial justification or harmlessness is on the party who made the late disclosure
  6. McKell v. Washington

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    Holding that a loan transaction is a business practice under the UCL
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    Holding bad faith occurs when the insurer withholds benefits unreasonably or without proper cause
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    Holding that "when the insurer unreasonably and in bad faith withholds payment of the claim of its insured, it is subject to liability" for violation of the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing
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    Adding a fourth element, the plaintiff's performance or excuse for nonperformance under the contract
  10. Aguilera v. Pirelli Armstrong Tire Corp.

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    Holding that tolling ceases once the deadline for certification passes
  11. Rule 56 - Summary Judgment

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    Holding a party may move for summary judgment on any part of any claim or defense in the lawsuit
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    Adopting Fed.R.Civ.P. 37
  13. Rule 37 - Failure to Make Disclosures or to Cooperate in Discovery; Sanctions

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    Holding that a party may be barred from using a witness if it fails to disclose the witness
  14. Section 3301

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    Requiring damages to be "clearly ascertainable in both their nature and origin"