5 Cited authorities

  1. St. Mary v. Superior Court

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    Noting that under section 2033.280, "a propounding party must take affirmative steps—by bringing a formal 'deemed admitted' motion—to have RFAs to which timely responses are not received deemed admitted"
  2. Deyo v. Kilbourne

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    In Deyo, it was held that the materiality of questions propounded to a particular claim or a defense should be considered as a factor in assessing the propriety of entering a dismissal or a default judgment for failure to answer.
  3. Redwood Empire v. Gombos

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    Upholding a finding of implied public dedication of a one-lane dirt road in the Santa Cruz Mountains
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    In Hillman, a prison inmate filed an action seeking an accounting and to impress a trust upon property transferred to his sister.
  5. Cembrook v. Superior Court

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    In Cembrook the defendant objected to approximately 40 requests for admissions of facts, moving to strike the requests and to be relieved of the necessity of providing any answer.