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    Holding that extrinsic evidence was immaterial, in part because the contract plainly manifested intent that all prior understandings were merged into the contract, which expressed the parties' full agreement
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    Holding that courts have discretion to decide whether to extend time to serve for good cause shown or in the interest of justice
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    Holding that an employer commits an unfair labor practice by compelling an employee to attend an investigatory meeting that could lead to discipline without allowing the employee to bring a union witness
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    Holding in the context of a POL § 73 discharge that there is no need for a hearing when there is no dispute that an employee was absent from work for over a year on account of a non-service related disability
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    Finding collective bargaining agreements made by "a reciprocal negotiation between forces with strengths on both sides, reflecting the reconciled interests of employer and employees, voluntarily entered into" can waive due process rights
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    Holding that New York statute that gave public employees the right to “form, join, and participate in ... any employee organization of their own choosing” did not confer the Weingarten right; “Since the ‘mutual aid or protection’ language is absent from [the New York statute], Weingarten does not support a holding that [the statute] creates a Weingarten right”
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