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    Holding that an employer commits an unfair labor practice by compelling an employee to attend an investigatory meeting that could lead to discipline without allowing the employee to bring a union witness
  2. D'Amico v. Christie

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    Holding that application of dram shop law "requires a commercial sale of alcohol"
  3. Matter of Golf v. N.Y. State Dept. of Social Serv

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    Holding that, where statute is ambiguous, deference is appropriately accorded to agency's interpretation
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    Holding that New York statute that gave public employees the right to “form, join, and participate in ... any employee organization of their own choosing” did not confer the Weingarten right; “Since the ‘mutual aid or protection’ language is absent from [the New York statute], Weingarten does not support a holding that [the statute] creates a Weingarten right”
  5. Kilduff v. Rochester City Sch. Dist.

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    No. 192 11-20-2014 In the Matter of Roseann Kilduff, Respondent, v. Rochester City School District, et al., Appellants. Cara M. Briggs, for appellants. Anthony J. Brock, for respondent. LIPPMAN, Chief Judge Cara M. Briggs, for appellants. Anthony J. Brock, for respondent. LIPPMAN, Chief Judge: By letter dated September 23, 2011, respondent School District notified petitioner, a tenured school social worker, that she was to be suspended for 30 days without pay for specified misconduct. Petitioner

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  7. Rao v. Gunn

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    Condoning a termination hearing held in the employee's absence in part because "the Transit Authority had a legitimate and strong interest in resolving petitioner's employment status promptly. By the time the hearing was held, petitioner had been in the custody of the Department of Mental Hygiene and unable to carry out his duties for more than 22 months. Further delay would have imposed an unreasonable burden on the Transit Authority."
  8. Rule 34 - Producing Documents, Electronically Stored Information, and Tangible Things, or Entering onto Land, for Inspection and Other Purposes

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    Finding that the rules related to electronic discovery were "not meant to create a routine right of direct access to a party's electronic information system, although such access may be justified in some circumstances."