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    In Raritan, the "BSA's interpretation [of the Zoning Resolution] conflict[ed] with the plain statutory language" and, thus, the Court of Appeals found that the BSA' s interpretation could not be sustained (Raritan, 91 N.Y.2d at 103).
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    Argued September 13, 1979 Decided October 11, 1979 Appeal from the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court in the First Judicial Department, CHARLES J. TIERNEY, J. Carol Ule for appellants. Alan W. Ginsberg and Harry Michelson for respondents. MEMORANDUM. The petitioner tenants' protest, which the commissioner denied, is based on the argument that with respect to a rent increase resulting from rehabilitation of housing accommodations with government assisted financing, once the commissioner grants

  5. Beck Chevrolet Co. v. General Motors LLC

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    Stating that factual findings after a bench trial are reviewed for clear error
  6. Coady Corp. v. Toyota Motor Distributors, Inc.

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    Upholding the district court's denial of relief under chapter 93B when the evidence may have established a statutory breach but the plaintiff failed to demonstrate any injury flowing therefrom
  7. Bender v. Jamaica Hosp

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    Holding that a public benefit corporation does not "fit within" the General Municipal Law's definition of municipal corporation because it applies "only" to a county, town, city, or village
  8. Tommy v. Department of Consumer Affairs

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    In Matter of Tommy Tina v Department of Consumer Affairs (95 A.D.2d 724, affd 62 N.Y.2d 671), the court stated that "`[a]n administrative agency's construction and interpretation of its own regulations and of the statute under which it functions is entitled to the greatest weight.'"
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  10. Forest Home Dodge, Inc. v. Karns

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    In Forest Home Dodge, Inc. v. Karns, 29 Wis.2d 78, 138 N.W.2d 214 (1965), we referred to sec. 218.01(3) (f), Stats., as "remedial"; and, consistent with the arguments posed by WATDA in that case, we concluded that traditional contract law was not controlling, but rather the statute was to be liberally construed to effect the legislative intent to protect Wisconsin auto dealers from predatory and avaricious manufacturers. It was not required that there be proof that the manufacturer's conduct was fraudulent.
  11. Section 1221 - Definitions

    15 U.S.C. § 1221   Cited 468 times   2 Legal Analyses
    Stating "good faith" is freedom from coercion
  12. Section 463 - Unfair business practices by franchisors

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    Providing that a franchisor may not "refuse to accept a return of" a terminated franchisee's inventory and must pay fair and reasonable compensation when repurchasing the inventory
  13. Section 460 - Legislative findings

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    The legislature finds and declares that the distribution and sale of motor vehicles within this state vitally affects the general economy of the state and the public interest and the public welfare, and that in order to promote the public interest and the public welfare and in the exercise of its police power, it is necessary to regulate motor vehicle manufacturers, distributors and factory or distributor representatives and to regulate dealers of motor vehicles doing business in this state in order