17 Cited authorities

  1. Lexecon Inc. v. Milberg Weiss Bershad Hynes Lerach

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    Holding that, because the remand requirement is absolute, the transferee court may not invoke the change-of-venue statute to assign transferred cases to itself for trial
  2. New Motor Vehicle Bd. of Cal. v. Orrin W. Fox Co.

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    Recognizing State interest in regulating dealer-manufacturer relationship
  3. Bloomfield v. Bloomfield

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    Applying section 203(d) to permit a wife's challenge to a 30-year-old prenuptial agreement propounded by her husband
  4. Rangolan v. County of Nassau

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    In Rangolan v. County of Nassau (96 NY2d 42), this Court held that CPLR 1602 (2) (iv) did not preclude apportionment when a defendant's liability arose from a nondelegable duty because the subsection was a savings provision and not an exception.
  5. Finger Lakes v. Racing Bd.

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    Argued September 18, 1978 Decided October 26, 1978 Appeal from the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court in the Fourth Judicial Department, LYMAN H. SMITH, J. John Van Voorhis for appellants in the first and second above-entitled actions. Louis J. Lefkowitz, Attorney-General (John M. Dailey, Ruth Kessler Toch and William J. Kogan of counsel), for New York State Racing and Wagering Board, respondent in the first above-entitled action and for intervenor-respondent in the second above-entitled action

  6. Mtr. of OnBank Trust Co.

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    Finding that a portion of Banking Law § 100–c would be meaningless if applied prospectively only, given the statute's reference to EPTL § 11–2.2(b), which contains a specific date, thus warranting a retroactive application of the statute
  7. Matter of Rodriguez v. Perales

    86 N.Y.2d 361 (N.Y. 1995)   Cited 56 times
    In Rodriguez (supra), the Court of Appeals flatly rejected the Appellate Division's "policy-based concern" that strict interpretation of the relevant statutes would result in a "windfall" to the indigent individual, noting that the Social Security Act "does not evince a legislative intent to ensure a one-to-one correspondence between the amount of interim assistance paid and the amount of reimbursement covered."
  8. Beck Chevrolet Co. v. General Motors LLC

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    Stating that factual findings after a bench trial are reviewed for clear error
  9. Action Nissan, Inc. v. Nissan North America

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    No. 05 Civ. 3864 (WCC). September 22, 2006. Bressler, Amery Ross, PC, New York City (Eric L. Chase, Genevieve K. La Robardier, Christopher G. Massey, Jacquelyn R. Trussell, Of Counsel), for Plaintiff. Bingham McCutchen LLP, New York City (Timothy J. Stevens, Of Counsel), Bingham McCutchen LLP, Boston, MA (William N. Berkowitz, William F. Benson, Of Counsel), for Defendant. OPINION AND ORDER WILLIAM C. CONNER, Senior District Judge. Plaintiff Action Nissan, Inc. ("Action Nissan") brings this action

  10. People v. Gowasky

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    Reviewing the history of recidivism statutes
  11. Section 463 - Unfair business practices by franchisors

    N.Y. Veh. & Traf. Law § 463   Cited 46 times
    Providing that a franchisor may not "refuse to accept a return of" a terminated franchisee's inventory and must pay fair and reasonable compensation when repurchasing the inventory