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    Finding California's exhaustion requirements not satisfied where a plaintiff's allegations were so vague they did not allow the state agency to "intelligently assess the seriousness of the alleged violations" and the employer to "determine what policies or practices are being complained of"
  2. Armenta v. Osmose, Inc.

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    Holding employees were entitled to at least a minimum hourly wage for uncompensated time spent traveling, loading equipment and supplies, doing paperwork, and maintaining company vehicles
  3. Bufil v. Dollar Financial Group, Inc.

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    Holding that the claim of a distinct subclass cannot be precluded by collateral estoppel
  4. Gonzalez v. Downtown LA Motors, LP

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    Holding that automotive service technicians paid under a piece-rate plan for repair work are also entitled to separate hourly compensation for non-productive time directed by the employer during their work shifts because California law does not allow an employer to average total compensation over total hours worked in a pay period
  5. Reyes v. Macy's, Inc.

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    Holding that a PAGA claimant may not bring an individual PAGA claim
  6. Bluford v. Safeway Stores, Inc.

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    Interpreting similar language in Wage Order Nos. 7 and 9, Cal. Code Regs. tit. 8, §§ 11070; 11090
  7. Kullar v. Foot Locker Retail, Inc.

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    In Kullar, there was "nothing" before the court to establish the sufficiency of the investigation other than an assurance from class counsel that "they had seen what they needed to see."
  8. Vaquero v. Stoneledge Furniture LLC

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    Holding "that such compensation plans must separately account and pay for rest periods to comply with California law"
  9. Kullar v. Foot Locker Retail, Inc.

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    In Kullar v. Foot Locker Retail, Inc., supra, 191 Cal.App.4th 1201 (Kullar), the Court of Appeal noted that because no class had been certified, "no attorney-client relationship has yet arisen between [the law firm representing the named plaintiff] and the members of the putative class."
  10. Oliver v. Konica Minolta Bus. Sols. U.S.A.

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    H045069 06-02-2020 Michael OLIVER et al., Plaintiffs and Appellants, v. KONICA MINOLTA BUSINESS SOLUTIONS U.S.A., INC., Defendant and Respondent. Attorneys for Plaintiffs and Appellants: Michael Oliver et al., Robin Workman, Rachel E. Davey, Workman Maw Firm, PC, San Francisco. Attorneys for Defendant and Respondent: Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc., Eric Edward Hill, San Francisco, Loren Gesinsky, New York, NY, Eden Anderson, San Francisco, Seyfarth Shaw LLP. Bamattre-Manoukian, J

  11. Section 1001 - Congressional findings and declaration of policy

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    Noting that ERISA was enacted “to protect ... employee benefit plans and their beneficiaries”
  12. Section 17200 - Unfair competition defined

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    Prohibiting unlawful business practices
  13. Section 226 - Itemized statement of wages

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    Providing only statutory penalties
  14. Section 12900 - Short title

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    This part may be known and referred to as the "California Fair Employment and Housing Act." Ca. Gov. Code § 12900 Amended by Stats 2022 ch 48 (SB 189),s 29, eff. 6/30/2022(amended Part heading). Added by Stats. 1980, Ch. 992.

  15. Section 201 - Computation and payment of wages upon discharge

    Cal. Lab. Code § 201   Cited 1,775 times   21 Legal Analyses
    Providing that, "[i]f an employer discharges an employee, the wages earned and unpaid at the time of discharge are due and payable immediately"
  16. Section 1194 - Recovery by employee in civil action regardless of agreement to receive lesser wage

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    Authorizing an employee receiving less than the legal overtime compensation to recover the unpaid balance, interest, attorney's fees, and costs of suit in a civil action
  17. Section 203 - Failure to pay; penalties

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    Providing that any willfully unpaid wages "shall continue as a penalty from the due date thereof at the same rate until paid or until an action therefor is commenced"
  18. Section 1542 - Claims not known by creditor at time of executing release

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    Providing that a general release does not extend to unknown claims
  19. Section 510 - Eight hour workday; compensation for overtime

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    Requiring employers to pay 1.5 times the "regular rate of pay" for overtime
  20. Section 2698 - Title of part

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