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    Holding that petitioners were not entitled to relief under Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 60(b) when they made a "free, calculated, deliberate choic[e]" not to appeal
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    Holding that liability should be apportioned among joint tortfeasors according to relative fault
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    Upholding Appellate Division's dismissal of negligence complaint because gap in sidewalk was trivial and therefore not actionable
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    Holding right to be present at Sandoval hearing conferred by state law
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    Holding that "the dismissal of an appeal for want of prosecution [is] on the merits of all claims which could have been litigated had the appeal been timely argued or submitted"
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    In Gager, we held that a defendant brought within the jurisdiction of the New York courts by a Seider attachment, who then appeared in the action without raising an explicit jurisdictional challenge under Rush, had waived this objection.
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    Holding that issues that could have been raised at trial or on direct appeal may not be asserted for the first time in a Rule 60(b) motion
  11. Rule 60 - Relief from a Judgment or Order

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    Granting relief from the operation of a judgment
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    Establishing thirty-day deadline for appeal