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    Holding that a Fair Labor Standards Act exemption applied to each listed activity in a provision individually where the activities were joined in the list by "or"
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    Holding as long as the EEOC and the company are aware of the nature and scope of the allegations, the purposes behind the administrative filing requirement are satisfied and no injustice or contravention of congressional intent occurs by allowing piggybacking
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    Dismissing claim for wages for pre-trip cleaning inspections where plaintiffs have not alleged that they were not paid the statutory minimum wage for each of the total number of hours they worked
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    Considering the plaintiff's credibility in determining whether the plaintiff's claims were typical of the class
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    Holding that an employee who drove in a mixed fleet was entitled to overtime protection even though she drove small vehicles only a minority of the time
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    In Green and Knott, the plaintiffs shared the same job title and many of the same responsibilities. Nonetheless, the differences in their respective job duties were sufficient to warrant decertification of the collective action class.
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    Summarizing history
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    Vesting enforcement power in Secretary of Labor
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    Excluding from FICA's definition of wages remuneration above "the [FICA] contribution and benefit base (as determined under section 230 of the Social Security Act)"