24 Cited authorities

  1. Strickland v. Washington

    466 U.S. 668 (1984)   Cited 146,599 times   173 Legal Analyses
    Holding that prejudice for IAC claims requires showing "that there is a reasonable probability that, but for counsel's unprofessional errors, the result of the proceeding would have been different"
  2. Jackson v. Virginia

    443 U.S. 307 (1979)   Cited 73,863 times   17 Legal Analyses
    Holding that court must presume trier of fact resolved all inferences in favor of the prosecution "even if it does not affirmatively appear in the record"
  3. Sullivan v. Louisiana

    508 U.S. 275 (1993)   Cited 3,122 times   15 Legal Analyses
    Holding that a constitutionally deficient reasonable doubt instruction constitutes structural error as the deprivation of the right to trial by jury has "necessarily unquantifiable and indeterminate" consequences and "unquestionably qualifies as ‘structural error’ "
  4. People v. Contes

    60 N.Y.2d 620 (N.Y. 1983)   Cited 11,568 times   2 Legal Analyses
    Stating the standard for review of the legal sufficiency of evidence in a criminal case is whether "after viewing the evidence in the light most favorable to the prosecution, any rational trier of fact could have found the essential elements of the crime beyond a reasonable doubt"
  5. Ulster County Court v. Allen

    442 U.S. 140 (1979)   Cited 1,791 times   5 Legal Analyses
    Holding that criminal defendants could not mount a facial challenge to a statute that had been constitutionally applied at their trial
  6. People v. Stultz

    2 N.Y.3d 277 (N.Y. 2004)   Cited 3,088 times   2 Legal Analyses
    Holding "a defendant's showing of prejudice [to be] a significant but not indispensable element in assessing meaningful representation," focusing instead on "the fairness of the proceedings as a whole"
  7. People v. Benevento

    91 N.Y.2d 708 (N.Y. 1998)   Cited 3,992 times   2 Legal Analyses
    In People v Benevento, 91 NY2d 708, 713-14 (1998), the New York Court of Appeals held that "meaningful representation" included a prejudice component which focuses on the "fairness of the process as a whole rather than [any] particular impact on the outcome of the case."
  8. People v. Gray

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    Holding that the issue of evidentiary sufficiency must be preserved for appellate review
  9. People v. Caban

    5 N.Y.3d 143 (N.Y. 2005)   Cited 1,510 times
    Holding conspirators' statements admissible as verbal acts to prove existence of conspiracy but not, absent independent evidence of the conspiracy, for their truth
  10. Carella v. California

    491 U.S. 263 (1989)   Cited 582 times   1 Legal Analyses
    Holding that an instruction containing an unconstitutional conclusive presumption was subject to harmless-error analysis
  11. Section 1182 - Inadmissible aliens

    8 U.S.C. § 1182   Cited 9,129 times   61 Legal Analyses
    Holding deportable aliens who have been convicted of "crimes involving moral turpitude"