42 U.S.C. § 2000cc–1

Updated July 10, 2018
§ 2000cc–1. Protection of religious exercise of institutionalized persons
(a) General rule No government shall impose a substantial burden on the religious exercise of a person residing in or confined to an institution, as defined in section 1997 of this title, even if the burden results from a rule of general applicability, unless the government demonstrates that imposition of the burden on that person—
(1) is in furtherance of a compelling governmental interest; and
(2) is the least restrictive means of furthering that compelling governmental interest.
(b) Scope of application This section applies in any case in which—
(1) the substantial burden is imposed in a program or activity that receives Federal financial assistance; or
(2) the substantial burden affects, or removal of that substantial burden would affect, commerce with foreign nations, among the several States, or with Indian tribes.

(Pub. L. 106–274, § 3, Sept. 22, 2000, 114 Stat. 804.)

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