Or. Rev. Stat. § 167.212

Current through 2021 2nd Special Session
Section 167.212 - Tampering with drug records
(1) A person commits the crime of tampering with drug records if the person knowingly:
(a) Alters, defaces or removes a controlled substance label affixed by a manufacturer, wholesaler or apothecary, except that it shall not be unlawful for an apothecary to remove or deface such a label for the purpose of filling prescriptions;
(b) Affixes a false or forged label to a package or receptacle containing controlled substances;
(c) Makes or utters a false or forged prescription or false or forged official written order for controlled substances; or
(d) Makes a false statement in any controlled substance prescription, order, report or record required by ORS 475.005 to 475.285 and 475.752 to 475.980.
(2) Tampering with drug records is a Class C felony.

ORS 167.212

1971 c.743 §275; 1977 c.745 §34; 1995 c.440 §15