Or. Rev. Stat. § 106.041

Current through 2021 legislation effective September 27, 2021
Section 106.041 - Marriage license; application; record
(1) All persons wishing to enter into a marriage contract shall obtain a marriage license from the county clerk upon application, directed to any person or religious organization or congregation authorized by ORS 106.120 to solemnize marriages, and authorizing the person, organization or congregation to join together as spouses in a marriage the persons named in the license.
(2) The State Registrar of the Center for Health Statistics shall provide a standard form of the application, license and record of marriage to be used in this state that must include:
(a) Each applicant's Social Security number recorded on a confidential portion of the application, license and record of marriage;
(b) Certain statistical data regarding age, place of birth, sex, occupation, residence and previous marital status of each applicant;
(c) The name and address of the affiant under ORS 106.050, if required; and
(d) Each applicant's name after marriage as provided in ORS 106.220.
(3) The form of application, license and record provided by the state registrar under subsection (2) of this section may not require an address for any religious organization or congregation authorized by ORS 106.120 to solemnize marriages.
(4) Each applicant for a marriage license shall file with the county clerk from whom the marriage license is sought a written application for the license on forms prescribed for this purpose by the Center for Health Statistics.
(5) A marriage license must contain the following statement: "Neither you nor your spouse is the property of the other. The laws of the State of Oregon affirm your right to enter into marriage and at the same time to live within the marriage free from violence and abuse."
(6) An applicant may not intentionally make a material false statement in the records required by this section.
(7) The county clerk may not issue a marriage license until the provisions of this section and ORS 106.050 and 106.060 are complied with.

ORS 106.041

Amended by 2017 Ch. 466,§ 1, eff. 1/1/2018.
Amended by 2015 Ch. 629,§ 8, eff. 1/1/2016.
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