N.D. Cent. Code § 16.1-01-13.1

Current through 2019 Legislative Session
Section 16.1-01-13.1 - [Contingently effective; see note] Term limits for United States senators and representatives in Congress

A person is ineligible to have that person's name placed on the ballot at any election for the office of United States senator or representative in Congress if, by the start of the term for which the election is being held, that person will have served as a United States senator or a representative in Congress, or in any combination of those offices, for at least twelve years. However, if that person is still otherwise eligible to hold the office, the disqualification imposed by this section ceases after two years have elapsed since the disqualification last affected that person's eligibility for placement on the ballot.

N.D.C.C. § 16.1-01-13.1