Nev. Rev. Stat. § 293.394

Current through 81st (2021) Legislative Session Chapters 1-557 and 33rd (2021) Legislative Special Session Chapters 1 and 2
Section 293.394 - [Effective 1/1/2024]Risk-limiting audits of election results; regulations; audits required before certification of election results
1. The Secretary of State shall adopt regulations for conducting a risk-limiting audit of an election, which may include, without limitation:
(a) Procedures to conduct a risk-limiting audit;
(b) Criteria for which elections must be audited; and
(c) Criteria to determine the scope of the risk-limiting audit.
2. In accordance with the regulations adopted by the Secretary of State pursuant to this section, each county clerk shall conduct a risk-limiting audit of the results of an election prior to the certification of the results of the election pursuant to NRS 293.395.
3. As used in this section, "risk-limiting audit" means an audit protocol that:
(a) Makes use of statistical principles and methods; and
(b) Is designed to limit the risk of certifying an incorrect election outcome.

NRS 293.394

Added to NRS by 2019, 3370 [Ch. 546]; A 2019, 3371 [Ch. 546], effective January 1, 2022
Amended by 2021, Ch. 554,§37.3, eff. 6/11/2021.
Amended by 2019, Ch. 546,§9, eff. 1/1/2022.
Added by 2019, Ch. 546,§8, eff. 7/1/2019.