Ind. Code § 9-21-4-20

Current through P.L. 2-2023
Section 9-21-4-20 - Highway work zones; signage; penalties
(a) For purposes of this section, "highway work zone" has the meaning set forth in IC 8-23-2-15.
(b) The Indiana department of transportation shall design and manufacture or have manufactured signs that inform vehicle operators of the offenses and penalties under:
(1) IC 9-21-5-11; and
(2) IC 9-21-8-56.
(c) A sign described in subsection (b) shall be posted at a reasonable distance before a highway work zone by:
(1) the Indiana department of transportation;
(2) a political subdivision; or
(3) a contractor of the:
(A) Indiana department of transportation; or
(B) political subdivision;

that is working at the highway work zone.

A sign that is posted before a highway work zone must be posted in accordance with the Indiana Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices or the Indiana Work Site Traffic Control Manual.

IC 9-21-4-20

As added by P.L. 40-2007, SEC.1.