Del. Code tit. 11 § 8503

Current through 2019 Legislative Session Act 219
Section 8503 - Function; administration; appointment of Director
(a) The State Bureau of Identification, hereinafter referred to as the "Bureau," is continued within the Division of State Police. The Bureau shall be the central state repository for criminal history record information (CHRI) and such additional information as specified in this subchapter.
(b) Subject to this subchapter, the Bureau shall be administered by the Superintendent of State Police. It shall be equipped and maintained by the State Police as a separate budget unit within the Department of Safety and Homeland Security.
(c) The Superintendent of State Police shall appoint, subject to the approval of the Department of Safety and Homeland Security, a Director of the Bureau. The Director shall be a regularly appointed member of State Police, who shall be trained and experienced in the classification and filing of fingerprints, and the Director and all other employees of the Bureau shall be subject to the same rules and regulations governing the State Police.
(d) A representative of the Bureau to be designated by the Superintendent shall be a member of any board or regulatory body established for the collection, retention and dissemination of criminal history information.

11 Del. C. § 8503

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