N.Y. Fam. Ct. Act § 464

Current through 2022 NY Law Chapter 642
Section 464 - Effect of pendency of action for divorce, separation or annulment on petition for support of a spouse
(a) In a matrimonial action in the supreme court, the supreme court on its own motion or on motion of either spouse may refer to the family court an application for temporary or permanent support, or for maintenance or a distribution of marital property. If the supreme court so refers an application, the family court has jurisdiction to determine the application with the same powers possessed by the supreme court and the family court's disposition of the application is an order of the family court appealable only under article eleven of this act.
(b) In the absence of an order of referral under paragraph (a) of this section and in the absence of an order by the supreme court granting temporary or permanent support or maintenance, the family court during the pendency of such action may entertain a petition and may make an order under section four hundred forty-five of this article for a spouse who is likely to become in need of public assistance or care.

N.Y. Family Court Law § 464