Colo. Rev. Stat. § 39-28-109

Current through 2023 Legislative Session
Section 39-28-109 - Records - examination - returns

Each wholesaler shall keep and preserve complete and accurate records of all cigarettes purchased and sold by him in accordance with the provisions of section 39-21-113. Any nonresident wholesaler, authorized pursuant to section 39-28-106, shall make available to the department, in the city and county of Denver, said records or, in the alternative, shall bear the cost of examination by an agent authorized by the executive director of the department of revenue at the place where such books, accounts, and records are kept. Such cost shall consist of a charge of twenty-five dollars per diem for the period required to make such examination, with a minimum charge of seventy-five dollars. The department may investigate and examine the stock of cigarettes upon any premises where the same are possessed, stored, or sold for the purpose of determining whether the provisions of this article have been complied with. The records which the wholesaler keeps shall be of such kind and in such form as the department prescribes. Each wholesaler shall make a return to the department each month containing, among other things, the total number of packages of cigarettes sold by him during the preceding month and the tax due thereon, which return shall be upon forms prescribed and furnished by the department and shall be filed by the tenth day of the month following the month reported.

C.R.S. § 39-28-109

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