Colo. Rev. Stat. § 25.5-4-413

Current through 2021 Legislative Session
Section 25.5-4-413 - Certain providers to inform patients of rights concerning advance medical directives
(1) On and after November 5, 1991, with regard to any service rendered on and after said date, each hospital, nursing care facility, home health agency, hospice program, and health maintenance organization participating in the state medical assistance program or providing medical assistance pursuant to parts 3 to 12 of article 6 of this title shall provide written information to all adult patients of such providers concerning patients' rights under state law to make medical treatment decisions, including the right to accept or refuse any medical or surgical treatment and the right to formulate advance directives regarding said decisions. As used in this section, "advance directives" includes any written or oral instructions recognized under state law concerning the making of medical treatment decisions on behalf of or the provision of medical care for the person who provided the instructions in the event such person becomes incapacitated. Advance directives include, but are not limited to, medical durable powers of attorney, durable powers of attorney, or living wills.
(2) Providers listed in subsection (1) of this section shall provide educational programs for staff and the community concerning advance directives and shall maintain written policies detailing methods for safeguarding patients' rights concerning medical treatment decisions, including documenting in the patient's medical or patient record whether the patient has executed, amended, or revoked an advance directive. No provider shall condition the provision of services or otherwise discriminate against a patient on the basis of whether the patient has executed an advance directive.

C.R.S. § 25.5-4-413

L. 2006: Entire article added with relocations, p. 1848, § 7, effective July 1.

This section is similar to former § 26-4-403.5 as it existed prior to 2006.