Ala. Code § 11-40-6

Updated April 2, 2018
Section 11-40-6 - Municipal corporations classified as cities or towns; holding of election after change in government of municipality

Municipal corporations now existing or hereafter organized under this title containing 2,000 or more inhabitants shall be called cities. All incorporated municipalities containing less than 2,000 inhabitants shall be called towns. The last census, whether federal or taken as authorized in this title, shall be used in determining the population of a city or town.

At the next election more than four months after the one hundred twentieth day after the first day of the first regular business session of the legislature held next after the publication by the federal government of the regular federal decennial population census for Alabama, if the municipality shows a population which authorizes a change in its government under this title, the proper officers for such a city shall be elected and perform the duties prescribed in this title.

(Code 1907, §1052; Code 1923, §1743; Code 1940, T. 37, §5; Acts 1955, No. 162, p. 408.)