Cal. Ins. Code § 116

Current through 2020 Notice Register, No. 38, September 18, 2020
Section 116
(a) Automobile insurance includes insurance of automobile owners, users, dealers, or others having insurable interests therein, against hazards incident to ownership, maintenance, operation, and use of automobiles, other than loss resulting from accident or physical injury, fatal or nonfatal, to, or death of, any natural person.
(b) Automobile insurance also includes any contract of warranty, or guaranty that promises service, maintenance, parts replacement, repair, money, or any other indemnity in event of loss of or damage to a motor vehicle or a trailer, as defined by Section 630 of the Vehicle Code, or any part thereof from any cause, including loss of or damage to or loss of use of the motor vehicle or trailer by reason of depreciation, deterioration, wear and tear, use, obsolescence, or breakage if made by a warrantor or guarantor who is doing an insurance business.
(c) Automobile insurance also includes any agreement that promises repair or replacement of a motor vehicle, or part thereof, after a mechanical or electrical breakdown, at either no cost or a reduced cost for the agreement holder. However, automobile insurance does not include a vehicle service contract subject to Part 8 (commencing with Section 12800) of Division 2, or an agreement deemed not to be insurance under that part.
(d) The doing or proposing to do any business in substance equivalent to the business described in this section in a manner designed to evade the provisions of this section is the doing of an insurance business.

Ca. Ins. Code § 116

Amended by Stats 2003 ch 439 (AB 984), s 2, eff. 7/1/2004.