Alaska Stat. § 45.68.900

Current through Chapter 12 of the 2024 Legislative Session
Section 45.68.900 - Definitions

In this chapter,

(1) "charitable organization" means a nonprofit organization that
(A) is operated for the relief of poverty, distress, or other condition of public concern in the state; or
(B) the Internal Revenue Service determines to be a tax exempt organization under 26 U.S.C. 501 (c)(3) (Internal Revenue Code);
(2) "contributions" means contributions of money or other property;
(3) "department" means the Department of Law;
(4) "paid solicitor" means a person who is required to be registered under AS 45.68.010 (b), and includes a person who is employed, procured, or engaged, directly or indirectly, by a paid solicitor to solicit, if the person is compensated; "paid solicitor" does not include
(A) an attorney licensed to practice law in this or another state, an investment counselor, an insurance company, or a supervised financial institution, to the extent the attorney, investment counselor, insurance company, or supervised financial institution advises the person on whether to make a contribution; or
(B) a bona fide salaried officer, employee, or volunteer of a charitable organization;
(5) "solicit" means to request, directly or indirectly, and includes
(A) an oral or written request;
(B) a request made by an announcement to the news media or by radio, television, telephone, facsimile machine, or other transmission of images or information;
(C) a request made in a handbill or other written advertisement that is distributed or posted;
(D) the sale of, or attempt to sell, a membership, an advertisement, advertising space, or a tangible item by making a request for financial support for a charitable organization or purpose, by using or referring to the name of a charitable organization as a reason for making the request, or by making a statement that all or part of the sale proceeds will be used for a charitable purpose or benefit a charitable organization;
(6) "solicitation campaign" means soliciting contributions of money or other property from two or more persons for the same charitable organization;
(7) "supervised financial institution" means a commercial bank, savings bank, mutual savings bank, trust company, savings and loan association, credit union, industrial loan company, personal property broker, consumer finance lender, commercial finance lender, or other financial institution if the financial institution is subject to regulation by this state or the United States.

AS 45.68.900

Amended by SLA 2019, ch. 13,sec. 101, eff. 10/17/2019.