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Knowing whether a case is good law is just the start. To research well, you need to get a full understanding of how precedent has been cited, discussed, applied, and quoted — down to the word. Casetext SmartCite™ goes into an unprecedented level of depth and leverages CARA A.I. to help you find the most relevant cases for you, fast.

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SmartCite™ vs. Shepard's®

Casetext SmartCite™ has everything you’d expect of a modern citator... and a lot more

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Red flags on bad law
Green flags on good law
Orange flags on cases that rely on overruled cases
Yellow flags indicate that citing references may have negative impact
Search, sort, and filter all citing cases
Artificial intelligence ranking of citing cases based on your factual and legal context
Concise summaries of how cases were applied, written by judges
Filter citing cases by motion at issue, party type, or cause of action
Key Passages: See what parts of the opinion have been extensively quoted, and by which cases
Emphasized Language: See which language has been emphasized when quoted by subsequent courts, and by which cases
Similar Issues: Find other cases that discuss the exact issue you are focused on with one click — whether they cite your case or not

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See SmartCite™ status at a glance

An authority is no longer good law because it has been reversed, overruled, vacated, withdrawn or superseded in whole or in part

A case relies on an earlier case that was overruled or reversed after the date of your case, putting your case at risk of being overruled

A case has been cited using a contrary citation signal, including but see, but cf., and contra

A case has been explicitly affirmed on appeal

Casetext motion and party type filters

Advanced filters

Citing cases done right

Search, sort, and filter all cases in milliseconds. Narrow results by useful filters unique to Casetext SmartCite™, including the motion upon which the citing cases were decided, the types of parties involved, and the causes of action at issue in the citing case.

Citing cases tab

A.I. assisted citator

Citing cases results tailored by CARA A.I.

Some cases are cited dozens or hundreds of times. You can’t read all citing cases, so knowing which ones to prioritize makes all the difference. CARA A.I. can help. If you’ve tailored your search experience using CARA A.I. by uploading a brief, complaint, or other litigation document, your citing cases will also be tailored to the facts, legal issues, jurisdiction, and parties involved in your matter.

Casetext key passages

Automatic labeling

Understand treatment down to the word

Casetext SmartCite™ will highlight in green the passages that have been quoted extensively and highlight in pink the words that have been emphasized (italicized for emphasis). With a click, you’ll see all the cases that cited or emphasized that passage.

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Similar issues

Find relevant cases, whether they cite your case or not

Click the Similar Issues button next to any paragraph to see other cases that contain similar language — helping you find relevant authority, regardless of whether they cite the case you’re reading.

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