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  1. Prevor v. United States Food and Drug Administration

    MOTION for Summary Judgment

    Filed November 14, 2011

    decision to classify medical maggots as devices. Medical maggots are intended to debride non-healing skin and soft tissue wounds. See OSMP Appeal, AR 769. Medical maggots work by secreting proteolytic

    debridement secondarily to the maggots’ physical rasping action,” and concluded that the physical debriding effect was the primary intended purpose of the product. Id. Like medical maggots, DSW’s neutralizing effect

    intended purpose, but supports the physical action in achieving that purpose. See, e.g., Medical Maggots, RFD 2002.031, AR 097-101. FDA’s new position is that if a product has a chemical effect that contributes

  2. In Re Linn Energy, LLC

    Appellee's BRIEF

    Filed November 18, 2017

    (Id., AR01960, AR02144.) Bennett asserts that either Linn Energy or LinnCo was required to pay Mr. Bennett a dividend based on LinnCo’s issuance of dividends. Bennett’s claims are based on breach

    BPC shareholders, including Mr. Bennett. Based on a request from Mr. Bennett’s counsel, in-house counsel for LinnCo and Linn Energy wrote in an email to Mr. Bennett’s counsel: “While we are not obligated

    at 35.) But the only authority Bennett cites as support -- Black’s Law Dictionary -- directly contradicts Bennett’s position. Id. at 34-35. As quoted in Bennett’s brief, “purchase” is defined broadly

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