Cal. R. 3.1322

As amended through May 17, 2024
Rule 3.1322 - Motions to strike
(a) Contents of notice

A notice of motion to strike a portion of a pleading must quote in full the portions sought to be stricken except where the motion is to strike an entire paragraph, cause of action, count, or defense. Specifications in a notice must be numbered consecutively.

(b) Timing

A notice of motion to strike must be given within the time allowed to plead, and if a demurrer is interposed, concurrently therewith, and must be noticed for hearing and heard at the same time as the demurrer.

Cal. R. Ct. 3.1322

Rule 3.1322 amended and renumbered effective 1/1/2007; adopted as rule 329 effective 1/1/1984.