N.Y. Comp. Codes R. & Regs. tit. 9 § 2524.3

s 2524.3 - Proceedings for eviction--wrongful acts of tenant

Without the approval of the DHCR, an action or proceeding to recover possession of any housing accommodation may only be commenced after service of the notice required by section 2524.2 of this Part, upon one or more of the following grounds, wherein wrongful acts of the tenant are established as follows:

(a) The tenant is violating a substantial obligation of his or her tenancy other than the obligation to surrender possession of such housing accommodation, and has failed to cure such violation after written notice by the owner that the violations cease within 10 days; or the tenant has willfully violated such an obligation inflicting serious and substantial injury upon the owner within the three-month period immediately prior to the commencement of the proceeding. If the written notice by the owner that the violations cease within 10 days is served by mail, then five additional days, because of service by mail, shall be added, for a total of 15 days, before an action or proceeding to recover possession may be commenced after service of the notice required by section 2524.2 of this Part.

(b) The tenant is committing or permitting a nuisance in such housing accommodation or the building containing such housing accommodation; or is maliciously, or by reason of gross negligence, substantially damaging the housing accommodation; or the tenant engages in a persistent and continuing course of conduct evidencing an unwarrantable, unreasonable or unlawful use of the property to the annoyance, inconvenience, discomfort or damage of others, the primary purpose of which is intended to harass the owner or other tenants or occupants of the same or an adjacent building or structure by interfering substantially with their comfort or safety. The lawful exercise by a tenant of any rights pursuant to any law or regulation relating to occupancy of a housing accommodation, including the RSL or this Code, shall not be deemed an act of harassment or other ground for eviction pursuant to this subdivision.

(c) Occupancy of the housing accommodation by the tenant is illegal because of the requirements of law and the owner is subject to civil or criminal penalties therefor, or such occupancy is in violation of contracts with governmental agencies.

(d) The tenant is using or permitting such housing accommodation to be used for immoral or illegal purpose.

(e) The tenant has unreasonably refused the owner access to the housing accommodation for the purpose of making necessary repairs or improvements required by law or authorized by the DHCR, or for the purpose of inspection or showing the housing accommodation to a prospective purchaser, mortgagee or prospective mortgagee, or other person having a legitimate interest therein; provided, however, that in the latter event such refusal shall not be a ground for removal or eviction unless the tenant shall have been given at least five days' notice of the inspection or showing, to be arranged at the mutual convenience of the tenant and owner so as to enable the tenant to be present at the inspection or showing, and that such inspection or showing of the housing accommodation is not contrary to the provisions of the tenant's lease or rental agreement. If the notice of inspection or showing is served by mail, then the tenant shall be allowed five additional days to comply, for a total of 10 days because of service by mail, before such tenant’s refusal to allow the owner access shall become a ground for removal or eviction.

(f) The tenant has refused, following notice pursuant to section 2523.5 of this Title, to renew an expiring lease in the manner prescribed in such notice at the legal regulated rent authorized under this Code and the RSL, and otherwise upon the same terms and conditions as the expiring lease. This subdivision does not apply to permanent hotel tenants, nor may a proceeding be commenced based on this ground prior to the expiration of the existing lease term.

(g) For housing accommodations in hotels, the tenant has refused, after at least 20 days' written notice, and an additional five days if the written notice is served by mail, to move to a substantially similar housing accommodation in the same building at the same legal regulated rent where there is a rehabilitation as set forth in section 2524.5(a)(3) of this Part, provided:

(1) that the owner has an approved plan to reconstruct, renovate or improve said housing accommodation or the building in which it is located;

(2) that the move is reasonably necessary to permit such reconstruction, renovation or improvement;

(3) that the owner moves the tenant's belongings to the other housing accommodation at the owner's cost and expense; and

(4) that the owner offers the tenant the right of reoccupancy of the reconstructed, renovated or improved housing accommodation at the same legal regulated rent unless such rent is otherwise provided for pursuant to section 2524.5(a)(3) of this Part.

(h) In the event of a sublet, an owner may terminate the tenancy of the tenant if the tenant is found to have violated the provisions of section 2525.6 of this Title.


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9 CRR-NY 2524.3 Current through July 31, 2018