Mo. Code Regs. tit. 19 § 20-20.070

Current through Register Vol. 45, No. 17, September 1, 2020
Section 19 CSR 20-20.070 - Duties of Local Health Departments

PURPOSE: This rule establishes procedures for reporting communicable diseases to the Missouri Department of Health by local health departments.

(1) All local health authorities shall forward reports of all diseases and conditions mentioned in 19 CSR 20-20.020 to the Missouri Department of Health. These reports shall be forwarded within twenty-four (24) hours after they are received, according to procedures established by the Department of Health director. Local health authorities shall transcribe from the original reports information necessary to the conduct of their duties in 19 CSR 20-20.040(2), (2)(A)-(J), (3) and (3)(A)-(C) before forwarding the reports. All reports received by either the local health authority or the Department of Health are to be considered confidential records and not public records.

19 CSR 20-20.070

AUTHORITY: section 192.020, RSMo 1994.* This rule was previously filed as 13 CSR 50-101.080. Original rule filed July 15, 1948, effective Sept. 13, 1948. Amended: Filed Dec. 11 , 1981, effective May 13, 1982.

*Original authority: 192.020, RSMo 1939, amended 1945, 1951.