27 Miss. Code R. § 120-3.1

Current through January 23, 2023
Section 27-120-3.1 - HOLIDAYS

State employees receive regular pay for ten legal holidays and for any other day proclaimed as a holiday by the Governor of the State of Mississippi or the President of the United States. Employees who are not in an active pay status on a legal holiday will not be compensated for the holiday. Active pay status is defined as either physically working or on paid leave the day of a legal holiday, the day immediately preceding a legal holiday, or the day immediately following a legal holiday. Compensation for legal holidays for part-time employees will be computed on a pro-rata basis according to hours regularly scheduled to work.

The State of Mississippi observes the following legal holidays:

January 1

New Year's Day

The Third Monday of January

Robert E. Lee's Birthday and

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday

The Third Monday of February

Washington's Birthday

The Last Monday of April

Confederate Memorial Day

The Last Monday of May

National Memorial Day and Jefferson Davis' Birthday

July 4

Independence Day

The First Monday of September

Labor Day

November 11

Armistice or Veterans' Day

A day fixed by proclamation by the Governor of Mississippi as a day of Thanksgiving, which shall be fixed to correspond to the date proclaimed by the United States President

Thanksgiving Day

December 25

Christmas Day

In the event any of these holidays fall on a Saturday or Sunday, then the legal holiday will be observed as declared by the Governor.

Except as may be provided in specific agency appropriations bills, when, in the opinion of the agency, it is essential that a State employee work during an official State holiday, the employee will receive credit for the number of hours actually worked. In addition, and in accordance with specific provisions of an agency's appropriation bill, an agency may require employees in specific job classes to work on an official State holiday and be paid call-back pay in lieu of receiving compensatory time credit.

27 Miss. Code. R. § 120-3.1

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