La. Admin. Code tit. 46 § LX-705

Current through Register Vol. 46, No. 9, September 20, 2020
Section LX-705 - Renewal
A. A licensed professional counselor shall renew his/her license and privileging designation(s) every two years in the month of June by meeting the requirement that 40 clock hours of continuing education be obtained prior to each renewal date every two years in an area of professional mental health counseling as approved by the board and by paying a renewal fee.
B. The licensee should submit a declaration statement with any changes not reviewed and approved by the board, including a change in area of expertise or area of focus, with the content being subject to board review and approval. The board, at its discretion, may require the licensee to present satisfactory evidence supporting any changes in areas of expertise or focus noted in the declaration statement.
C. The chair shall issue a document renewing the license for a term of two years.
D. The license or privileging designation of any mental health counselor who fails to have this license or privileging designation renewed every two years during the month of June shall lapse; however, the failure to renew said license or privileging designation shall not deprive said counselor the right of renewal thereafter.
1. A lapsed license or privileging designation may be renewed within a period of two years after the date of licensure lapse upon payment of all fees in arrears and presentation of evidence of completion of the continuing education requirement.
2. Application for renewal after two years days from the date of licensure lapse will not be considered for renewal; the individual must apply under the current licensure and/or privileging guidelines and submit recent continuing education hours (CEHs) as part of application for licensure or privileging designation.

La. Admin. Code tit. 46, § LX-705

Promulgated by the Department of Health and Hospitals, Licensed Professional Counselors Board of Examiners, LR 41719 (April 2015), Amended LR 45436 (March 2019).
AUTHORITY NOTE: Promulgated in accordance with R.S. 37:1101-1123.