3 Colo. Code Regs. § 702-2-1-9-2

Current through Register Vol. 44, No. 19, October 10, 2021
Section 3 CCR 702-2-1-9-2 - Scope

In 1994, the Colorado General Assembly passed HB 94-1193, which authorized the commissioner through regulation to set forth standards and requirements specific to "licensed provider networks" (i.e., provider networks engaged in the business of insurance) concerning their solvency and operational capacity, or the performance of services consistent with the extent of risk being accepted by the licensed provider network.

Provider networks desiring to provide only limited health services, in-patient hospital services, or home health care, and only assume the level of risk commensurate with the provision of these limited benefits, shall be licensed as limited service licensed provider networks pursuant to standards and requirements established by this regulation.

The purpose of this regulation is to establish requirements for licensure as a limited service licensed provider network, and to clarify the applicability of health benefit mandates and Title 10 requirements to limited service licensed provider network health coverage plans.

3 CCR 702-2-1-9-2

39 CR 01, January 10, 2016, effective 2/1/2016