2 Colo. Code Regs. § 502-1-21.170.4

Current through Register Vol. 43, No. 17, September 10, 2020
Section 2 CCR 502-1-21.170.4 - CONSENTS
A. A written agreement shall be executed between the agency and the individual or the individual's legal representative at the time of admission. The parties may amend the agreement provided such amendment is evidenced by the written consent of both parties. No agreement shall be construed to relieve the organization of any requirement or obligation imposed by law or regulation.
B. Individual consents shall include consent to treatment.
C. Services shall involve families and significant others with written individual consent, unless clinically contraindicated.
D. For minor's consent, please review Care of Children, Youth, and Families in Section 21.300.13.
E. For opioid medication assisted treatment consent, see Section 21.320.
F. If the Governor or local government declares an emergency or disaster an agency may obtain documented oral agreements or consents in place of written agreements or consents. Documented oral agreements and consents shall only be used as necessary because of circumstances related to the emergency or disaster. Agencies shall send a hard copy or electronic copy of the documented agreement or consent to the individual within two (2) business days of the oral agreement or consent.

2 CCR 502-1-21.170.4

43 CR 13, July 10, 2020, effective 8/1/2020