1 Colo. Code Regs. § 212-3-2-270

Current through Register Vol. 47, No. 12, June 25, 2024
Section 1 CCR 212-3-2-270 - Application Denial, Voluntary Withdrawal, and Effect of License Surrender or Revocation on Related Applications
A.Applicant Bears the Burden of Proving It Meets Licensure Requirements. A License issued to a Person or a Regulated Marijuana Business is a revocable privilege. At all times during the application process, an Applicant must be capable of establishing it is qualified to hold a License.
B.Applicants Must Provide Information to the Division in a Full, Faithful, Truthful, and Fair Manner. An application may be denied where the Applicant made misstatements, omissions, misrepresentations, or untruths in the application or in connection with the Applicant's suitability investigation. Providing misstatements, misrepresentations, omissions, or untruths to the Division may be the basis for administrative action, or the basis of criminal charges against the Applicant.
C.Grounds for Denial.
1. The State Licensing Authority will deny an application for Good Cause.
2. The State Licensing Authority will deny an application from an Applicant that is statutorily disqualified from holding a license.
3. The State Licensing Authority will deny an application where the Applicant failed to provide all required information or documents, failed to obtain all required findings of suitability prior to submitting the application, provided inaccurate, incomplete, or untruthful information or documents, or failed to cooperate with the Division.
D.Voluntary Withdrawal of Application.
1. The Division and Applicant may mutually agree to allow the voluntary withdrawal of an application in lieu of a denial proceeding.
2. Applicants must first submit a form to the Division requesting the voluntary withdrawal of the application. Applicants will submit the form with the understanding that they were not obligated to request the voluntary withdrawal and that any right to a hearing in the matter is waived once the voluntary withdrawal is approved.
3. The Division will consider the request along with any circumstances at issue with the application in making a decision to accept the voluntary withdrawal. The Division may at its discretion grant the request with or without prejudice or deny the request.
4. The Division will notify the Applicant of its acceptance of the voluntary withdrawal and the terms thereof.
5. If the Applicant agrees to a voluntary withdrawal granted with prejudice, then the Applicant is not eligible to apply again for licensing or approval until after expiration of one year from the date of such voluntary withdrawal.
E.A Denied Applicant May Appeal a Denial. A Denied Applicant may appeal a denial pursuant to the Administrative Procedure Act.
F.Effect of License Surrender or Revocation on Related Applications. If a License is voluntarily surrendered or revoked, and there are related applications that are seeking some change to that License (including, but not limited to, renewal, change of Controlling Beneficial Owner, modification of Licensed Premises, or change of location) pending Final Agency Order, the related applications become moot and those moot applications will be closed by the Division without further action or notification to the Applicant.

Basis and Purpose - 2-275

The statutory basis for this rule includes but is not limited to sections 44-10-202(1)(b) -(c), 44-10-203(1)(k), 44-10-203(2)(q), 44-10-203(2)(t), 11-10-310, 44-10-401(3)(a) -(d), C.R.S. The purpose of this rule is to establish procedures and requirements for any Person appointed by a court as a receiver, personal representative, executor, administrator, guardian, conservator, trustee, or similarly situated Person acting in accordance with sections 44-10-401(3)(a) -(d), C.R.S., and authorized by court order to take possession of, operate, manage, or control a Regulated Marijuana Business. This Rule 2-275 was previously Rules M and R 253, 1 CCR 212-1 and 1 CCR 212-2.

1 CCR 212-3-2-270

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