302 Mass. Reg. 12.19

Current through Register Vol. 1431; November 27, 2020
Section 12.19 - Revocation of Permits
(1) All DCR permits are considered licenses, do not convey an interest in property, and are revocable at will.
(2) Any violation of a permit by its holder, its agents, employees, contractors or guests of any term or condition therein shall constitute grounds for its suspension or revocation by the Department, which action therein shall be final.
(3) In case of revocation of any permit, all monies paid for or on account of the revolation shall, at the option of the Department, be retained by the DCR. Neither such retention by the DCR of the whole nor any part of such monies nor the recovery or collection thereby of such damages, including claims against any bond, or both, shall in any manner relieve such person(s) from civil liability or from criminal liability for violation of any other state or local law, ordinance, rule or order and the permittee, together with its contractors, agents, representatives, employees, licensees, guests and invitees who violated said term(s) or condition(s) shall be jointly and severally liable to the Commonwealth for all damages or loss suffered by the Department in excess of such monies retained.
(4) Within ten calendar days of revocation or termination, the permittee shall restore the DCR property that was the subject of the permit to a condition satisfactory to the Department.

302 CMR 12.19

Adopted by Mass Register Issue 1272, eff. 10/24/2014.