302 Mass. Reg. 12.16

Current through Register Vol. 1431; November 27, 2020
Section 12.16 - Rules of Conduct on DCR Properties - Swimming Pools
(1) The consumption of food or beverages at DCR swimming pools, wading pools and spray decks is allowed only in designated eating areas.
(2) All persons recreating within the boundaries of any DCR designated swimming area or pool compound shall adhere to any and all requests or direction from DCR personnel, including, but not limited to, DCR rangers, lifeguards, staff or law enforcement officials.
(3) A person using a DCR swimming pool, wading pool or spray deck shall wear appropriate swimwear. No person may enter the water of any DCR swimming pool while wearing street clothes, including but not limited to long pants, sweatshirts or other such attire which may cause mechanical problems relating to pool filters or which may impair the ability of an individual to swim safely.
(4) No person younger than 12 years old may be admitted to any DCR swimming pool or wading pool without a parent or adult.
(5) No person may utilize any DCR swimming pool or wading pool without taking a cleansing shower prior to entering the water.
(6) No person may place or cause to be placed any items in the swimming pool, wading pool, spray deck or along the pool apron or deck which could create a tripping hazard or which may obstruct the free and reasonable access to or egress from a DCR swimming pool, wading pool or spray deck area.
(7) No person may possess any glass or other breakable container within any DCR swimming pool, wading pool or spray deck. This includes, but is not limited to, items such as beverage containers, food containers or personal care items which may pose a safety risk to other users.
(8) No person may utilize any form of smoking materials within any DCR swimming pool, wading pool or spray deck.
(9) No person may use a diving mask or similar device designed to cover a user's eyes and nostrils at the same time, or a snorkel, within a DCR swimming or wading pool. DCR personnel may allow such equipment to be used by designated individuals and staff only during designated structured training programs, during DCR property maintenance, or for safety and rescue purposes.
(10) No person may enter or permit another to enter a DCR swimming pool or wading pool for the purposes of swimming, bathing or loitering after normal hours of operation, as posted, nor any time that a DCR lifeguard is not present.
(11) No person may utilize any flotation devices within DCR swimming or wading pools, or other waterfront DCR property. (Flotation devices under this rule include, but are not limited to inner tubes, ring buoys, air mattresses, beach balls, swimmies, inflatable novelty toys, noodles, or any other similar devices designed and utilized for the purposes of keeping person(s) afloat.) Under certain circumstances, approved devices may be allowed. U.S. Coast Guard approved personal flotation devices ("PFDs" or "life jackets") designed for the size and weight of the wearer may be allowed when an adult is assisting the wearer.
(12) No person may use or offer for use any equipment, tools, toys, novelty items, or other such items within a pool compound or designated swimming area when the use of said items may pose a significant health or safety risk to the user, to bystanders or to any other user within the pool compound or designated swimming area.
(13) No person may change or allow the changing of any clothing or diapers in or around a DCR designated swimming area except in designated changing locations. All diapers or other similar waste materials shall be disposed of properly in designated receptacles.
(14) Youth organizations, agencies, and groups that wish to utilize DCR swimming pools, wading pools or spray decks for any group activity must obtain a recreational use permit or special use permit in accordance with 302 CMR 12.17(4) or 12.17(2).

302 CMR 12.16

Adopted by Mass Register Issue 1272, eff. 10/24/2014.