45 C.F.R. § 205.170

§ 205.170 State standards for office space, equipment, and facilities

State plan requirements: A State plan for financial assistance under title I, IV-A, X, XIV, or XVI(AABD) of the Social Security Act must provide that:

(a) The State agency will establish and maintain standards for office space, equipment, and facilities that will adequately and effectively meet program and staff needs. Under this requirement, offices must be well marked and clearly identifiable in the community as a public service.

(b) The State agency will assure that the standards are continuously in effect in all State and local offices or agencies, including agency suboffices, and special centers through:

(1) Making information about the standards available to State and local staff and other appropriate persons;

(2) Regular planned evaluation of housing and facilities by regularly assigned staff through visits, reports, controls and other necessary methods;

(3) Methods for enforcement when necessary to secure compliance with State standards.

[36 FR 3862, Feb. 27, 1971, as amended at 45 FR 56686, Aug. 25, 1980]