42 C.F.R. § 488.307

Current through April 30, 2021
Section 488.307 - Unannounced surveys
(a)Basic rule. All standard surveys must be unannounced.
(b)Review of survey agency's scheduling and surveying procedures.
(1) CMS reviews on an annual basis each State survey agency's scheduling and surveying procedures and practices to ensure that survey agencies avoid giving notice of a survey through the scheduling procedures and the conduct of the surveys.
(2) CMS takes corrective action in accordance with the nature and complexity of the problem when survey agencies are found to have notified a SNF or NF through their scheduling or procedural policies. Sanctions for inadequate survey performance are in accordance with §488.320.
(c)Civil money penalties. An individual who notifies a SNF or NF, or causes a SNF or NF to be notified, of the time or date on which a standard survey is scheduled to be conducted is subject to a Federal civil money penalty not to exceed $2,000.

42 C.F.R. §488.307