26 C.F.R. § 31.6001-5

§ 31.6001-5 Additional records in connection with collection of income tax at source on wages

(a) Every employer required under section 3402 to deduct and withhold income tax upon the wages of employees shall keep records of all remuneration paid to (including tips reported by) such employees. Such records shall show with respect to each employee -

(1) The name and address of the employee, and after December 31, 1962, the account number of the employee.

(2) The total amount and date of each payment of remuneration (including any sum withheld therefrom as tax or for any other reason) and the period of services covered by such payment.

(3) The amount of such remuneration payment which constitutes wages subject to withholding.

(4) The amount of tax collected with respect to such remuneration payment, and, if collected at a time other than the time such payment was made, the date collected.

(5) If the total remuneration payment (paragraph (a)(2) of this section) and the amount thereof which is taxable (paragraph (a)(3) of this section) are not equal, the reason therefor.

(6) Copies of any statements furnished by the employee pursuant to paragraph (b)(12) of § 31.3401(a)-1 (relating to permanent residents of the Virgin Islands).

(7) Copies of any statements furnished by the employee pursuant to §§ 31.3401(a)(6)-1 and 31.3401(a)(7)-1, relating to nonresident alien individuals.

(8) Copies of any statements furnished by the employee pursuant to § 31.3401(a)(8)(A)-1 (relating to residence or physical presence in a foreign country).

(9) Copies of any statements furnished by the employee pursuant to § 31.3401(a)(8)(C)-1 (relating to citizens resident in Puerto Rico).

(10) The fair market value and date of each payment of noncash remuneration, made to an employee after August 9, 1955, for services performed as a retail commission salesman, with respect to which no income tax is withheld by reason of § 31.3402(j)-1.

(11) [Reserved]

(12) In the case of the employer for whom services are performed, with respect to payments made directly by him after December 31, 1955, under an accident or health plan (as defined in section 105 and the regulations thereunder) -

(i) The beginning and ending dates of each period of absence from work for which any such payment was made; and

(ii) Sufficient information to establish the amount and weekly rate of each such payment.

(13) The withholding exemption certificates (Forms W-4 and W-4E) filed with the employer by the employee.

(14) The agreement, if any, between the employer and the employee for the withholding of additional amounts of tax pursuant to § 31.3402(i)-1.

(15) To the extent material to a determination of tax liability, the dates, in each calendar quarter, on which the employee performed services not in the course of the employer's trade or business, and the amount of cash remuneration paid at any time for such services performed within such quarter. (See § 31.3401(a)(4)-1.)

(16) In the case of tips received by an employee after 1965 in the course of his employment, copies of any statements furnished by the employee pursuant to section 6053(a) unless the information disclosed by such statements is recorded on another document retained by the employer pursuant to the provisions of this paragraph.

(17) Any request of an employee under section 3402(h)(3) and § 31.3402 (h)(3)-1 to have the amount of tax to be withheld from his wages computed on the basis of his cumulative wages, and any notice of revocation thereof.

The term “remuneration,” as used in this paragraph, includes all payments whether in cash or in a medium other than cash, except that the term does not include payments in a medium other than cash for services not in the course of the employer's trade or business, and does not include tips received by an employee in any medium other than cash or in cash if such tips amount to less than $20 for any calendar month. See §§ 31.3401(a)(11)-1 and 31.3401(a)(16)-1, respectively.

(b) The employer shall keep records of the details of each adjustment or settlement of income tax withheld under section 3402 made pursuant to the regulations in this part.

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