Ariz. Admin. Code § 10-3-407

Current through Register Vol. 27, No. 53, December 31, 2021
Section R10-3-407 - Notification of the Complaining Person

Upon the filing of a complaint, the Attorney General shall serve a notice upon each complaining person on whose behalf the complaint was filed. The notice shall:

1. Acknowledge the filing of the complaint and state the date that the complaint was accepted for filing;
2. Include a copy of the complaint;
3. Advise the complaining person of the time limits applicable to complaint processing and of the procedural rights and obligations of the complaining person under this Article;
4. Advise the complaining person of their right to commence a civil action under A.R.S. § 41-1492.08 in an appropriate court, not later than 2 years after the occurrence or termination of the alleged discriminatory act or practice or the breach of a conciliation agreement entered into under this Article; and
5. Advise the complaining person that retaliation against the complaining person or any other person because of the filing of a complaint or because the person testified, assisted, or participated in an investigation or conciliation under this Article, is a discriminatory act or practice that is prohibited by A.R.S. § 41-1492.10.

Ariz. Admin. Code § R10-3-407

Adopted effective September 3, 1996 (Supp. 96-3).