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Casetext customers get an exclusive reduced pricing plan for Tracers® - the #1 trusted investigative-data company for public records searches.

  • Criminal records
  • Civil judgments
  • Eviction records
  • Bankruptcy records
  • Foreclosure records
  • Business records
  • Property records
  • Sex offender search
  • Enforce child support
  • Liens and judgments reports
  • Court record searches
  • Court runs
  • Asset searches
  • Assessor records
  • Deeds records
  • Real property-combined search
  • Aircraft records
  • Domain registrations
  • Vehicle ownership
  • Vessel records

And much more...

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For decades, Tracers has provided law firms, independent lawyers, paralegals and process servers immediate access to an online database of over 42 billion records.

Tracers® pricing for Casetext customers

Casetext customers receive a reduced minimum monthly charge for Tracers' search services.

$39 $35 per month, minimum

Tracers' search fees range from $1 for locating people to $7.50 for a comprehensive background report with assets, criminal, and business records. Your minimum monthly charge covers the cost of $35 worth of Tracers search fees. Search fees beyond your $35 per month minimum are charged à la carte and billed monthly.
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Tracers database provided various critical data on two co-conspirators located in two states in a six-figure fraud case. [Tracers'] data was more current and/or not found in other sources.

Bryant T

Frequently asked questions

How do I get discounted access to Tracers as a Casetext subscriber?

Subscribe to Casetext and you'll receive a link to sign up for Tracers at Casetext’s discounted price.

How much does it cost to search Tracers?

Tracers' search fees for attorneys range from $1 for locating people to $7.50 for a comprehensive background report with assets, criminal, and business records.

Casetext subscribers pay a minimum charge of $35 to Tracers, billed monthly. This is reduced from $39/month, Tracers` standard minimum for attorneys.

The $35 minimum monthly charge covers the cost of $35 worth of search fees. If you spend more than $35 in search fees, then you pay per search à la carte.

Tracers' minimum monthly charge is billed per firm. You can add up to 10 additional attorneys or paralegals to your Tracers account at no additional monthly minimum charge.

Can I get a demo of Casetext and Tracers?

Yes. You can get a demo of Casetext here. Or, get a demo of Tracers.

How does billing work?

Casetext and Tracers are billed separately.

What if I want to cancel?

If you decide to cancel either service, you’ll need to reach out to Casetext and Tracers individually.

Do I need to pass a credentialing process to get access to the Tracers database?

Yes. Tracers' database contains private and regulated data, so before gaining access you will need to establish that you are a bar member in good standing, and credential your business use.

Does Tracers have a mobile app/website?

Yes. Tracers has a mobile-optimized website that will work with any mobile device or tablet.

Does Tracers have controlled admin access for law firms?

Yes. Firm administrators can set parameters of what the different users in the firm are able to search.

Does Tracers have advanced reporting?

Yes. Subscribers can track searches and costs for billing purposes.

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