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Artificial intelligence as easy as drag and drop

Just drag and drop a complaint or brief from your matter, enter a few search terms, and let CARA A.I. find you cases and other authorities that share the context of your matter, including facts, legal issues, and jurisdiction

Casetext SmartCite citator


Cite with confidence

Casetext SmartCite goes further than Shepard's® and helps you analyze case treatment down to the word. In addition to indicating when a case has been overturned, reversed, vacated, or superseded, Casetext SmartCite helps you navigate the issues present in a case and much more.

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Casetext motion and party type filters

Advanced filters

Narrow results precisely

Use advanced filters like Motion Type, Party Type, and Cause of Action to find exactly the right authorities


Everything you need for research

Search federal and state case law, statutes, regulations, briefs, legal analyses written by attorneys, Black Letter Law, and much more

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Copy text with citation

Copy with cite

You’ve found the perfect quote. Now use it.

Casetext’s copy with cite enables you to copy a correctly formatted citation in seconds

Casetext brief check

Brief check

A digital table of authorities for any brief

When you use CARA A.I., you automatically get a digital table of authorities of all cases, statutes, and regulations cited in the brief. See what’s overturned, read the full case, or print cases to read

Casetext key passages

Key passages

See and analyze the most quoted passages in a case

Quickly identify the parts of a case that have been quoted most by subsequent cases. With a click, see all cases that cite to a particular passage

Highlight and notes

Annotate documents

Never forget your thoughts

Easily highlight and leave notes for later use, and quickly find your notes using the Heatmap, which visually displays the location of all your highlights

Tracers purlic records search

Public records search

Industry-leading public records search with Tracers®

Casetext has partnered with Tracers® - the #1 trusted company for public records searches - to provide Casetext customers with an exclusive, reduced pricing plan for public records search through the Tracers website.

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Bookmarks with folders

Folder your favorite cases for later reading

Once you’ve found a perfect case, statute, regulation, article, or brief, save it into folders for later reading

Casetext attorney analysis

Attorney analyses

With Casetext’s Analyses, you tap into the collective wisdom of over 1,000 law firms

Casetext has nearly 1,000,000 articles written by attorneys. Authors include firm partners in the Am Law 200, select boutique practices, and government agencies that publish substantive legal analysis. This content provides you helpful context to your primary law research

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