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Casetext research is free to current law school students, staff, and faculty. We believe the next generation of attorneys, and those training them, should have access to the best legal research tools available.

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Schedule an in-class training session for your students in legal research and writing, litigation practice, moot court, legal technology, and other courses with Ryan Groff, a member of the Massachusetts Bar, lecturer on law at New England Law | Boston, and Customer Education Manager at Casetext.

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Need personalized research assistance? Casetext offers reference attorney office hours to current law school students, staff, and faculty. Casetext reference attorneys are highly sought-after, licensed attorneys who assist litigators and other attorneys with their daily legal research needs.

Office hours are M-F:

  • 3-5 PM (Pacific)
  • 4-6 PM (Mountain)
  • 5-7 PM (Central)
  • 6-8 PM (Eastern)
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From campus flyers to digital ads, we want your campus to have the information it needs to access and use the fastest, smartest legal research available. Request materials

What is free?

Casetext research is free to all current law school students, staff, and faculty. This free access does not include access to AllSearch, Practice Guides, or CoCounsel.