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Rick Georges, Attorney

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Kelly King, Attorney

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Casetext includes advanced features you won't find on Lexis or Westlaw
Heatmap on Casetext


See which parts of a decision have been cited to most heavily

Advanced filters on Casetext

Advanced filters

Filter cases by dispositive motion, cause of action, or party’s industry

Casetext CARA A.I.


Find on-point cases faster than ever. Upload a complaint or brief and CARA A.I. will find on-point cases for you.

Similar issues

Similar issues

See cases with similar language to any paragraph you find

And yes, on Casetext you get...

Citator flags - red, orange, green

Red, orange, and green flags

Tell if a case is still good law, has been affirmed, or heavily relies on overturned precedents

Legal content on Casetext

Legal databases

Unlimited access to federal and state cases, statutes, regulations, briefs, articles, holdings, black letter law summaries, and more

Annotated statutes

Annotated statutes

See how a statute has been discussed in opinions, articles, and briefs

Copying the correct citation on Casetext

Copy with cite

Copy the language from a case with the correctly formatted citation

Pricing, side-by-side

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1 state case law

Federal case law

$25+ for out of plan content

Price increases every year

Red, green and yellow flags


Case summaries

50 state case law

Federal case law

No out of plan charges

Your price will never go up

Red, green, and orange flags

See cases, briefs, and legal articles citing a case

Case summaries written by judges

CARA artificial intelligence research assistant

Similar issues research tool

Automatic brief binders

Find on-point cases faster with Casetext

An independent study by the National Legal Research Group compared Casetext to LexisNexis side-by-side. NLRG attorneys found that you can expect to save 210 hours of research time per year by switching to Casetext. The results you find will be 21% more on-point. The vast majority (75%) of NLRG attorneys preferred the research experience overall on Casetext. Read the study for yourself here.



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